I am so excited that a story of mine will be included in Strange California: A Speculative Fiction Anthology, edited by Jaym Gates and J. Daniel Batt. This anthology will contain my first professional sale, “The Layer-Out,” about a young widow living in the early years of California’s statehood.

If you’d like to get your hands on my story, and the entire anthology, with stories by Seanan McGuire, Christie Yatt, Tim Pratt, Nancy Holder, and more, you can do so by visiting our  Kickstarter  page. We’ve reached 30% of our goal so far and have 21 more days to raise the rest. There are so many incredible backer rewards and stretch rewards if you decide to make a donation. Besides the physical book and ebook, you can get your hands on custom tea blends by Tea Noir, digital art prints, and a hand-bound copy of the Strange California sketchbook. Check out all of the goodies in store for you here!