Continuing from my previous post, and also diverting slightly: 

N.B. More things than not are related to hemlock; when meandering on a stroll through the woods or through the desert, do not stop to eat the flowers. Or their berries. Could be nightshade. 

N.B. If it is not labeled 100% de agave or 100% puro de agave, your tequila is probably a mixto (made up to 49% non-agave sugars). It is a fraud, in other words.

N.B. Mayahuel is the goddess of the agave, and she was either a very fine or a very poor mother because she fed her rabbit children pulque (all you need to know is that it’s alcohol)

N.B. When watching the television show ‘Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell,’ dissuade yourself from murdering Drawlight, because you will ruin the television 

N.B.  When reaching word 44,537 of composing your new ‘thing’ that you hope to make into a novel, make little notes to oneself in a book that announces ‘we’re all mad here’ on its cover, so that you will not feel alone as your mind wanders to the edges of its limits trying to compose a made-up story