My favorite sight seeing to do in a new city is to amble around university grounds and surrounding bookstores, something that was ingrained into my being after spending a few weeks in Oxford two years ago (my God it’s been two years!). As Oxford is gilded with gold, so Trinity College is melancholic with grey.  Famous for notable alumni, including Samuel Beckett, Bram Stoker, Oscar Wilde, and Jonathan Swift, the college holds the Book of Kells, among hundreds of other books in its dark, magnificent library. Spending time amongst the smell of old books and dust and richly colored wood makes me want to smoke a pipe and curl up by a fire.

That’s the reason why, I suppose, Trinity has bred so many writers, for what else is there to do when it is raining and dreary besides drink a pint and write?

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becketttrinity libraryThere were a few interesting exhibits highlighted in the library, and one of my favorites included the use of Nordic myth in old and recent tales.  The Hobbit was on display as an example of this, as it draws much inspiration from these wintry, and often violent, stories. The dwarves who visit Bilbo’s hobbit hole in the beginning of the book all have names found in the Poetic Edda, a collection of old Norse poems.

After perusing the books, I picked myself up a small journal decorated with folios of the Book of Kells. I have been jotting down my ideas in my phone but this will come in handy. Paper is conducive to creativity, and I did not have room to bring my large journal with me on this trip. I will have to document everything here on this blog, which is not a problem, as the pictures certainly lend themselves to this mode of documentation.

On the writing front, I already received another rejection early this morning. I will have to do something drastic when I get a non-rejection. Like make a fun drink. Though I guess I do that anyway (because I suppose I need it).

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