I have one hundred pages left of Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell. I’m savoring them and hope to post my thoughts soon after. I’d like to focus on the depiction of faeries, I think. Magic is a grim, darkish thing in Susanna Clarke’s fantastic England, and it’s a power that seems to be tinged with death. I like when things lend themselves to a general feeling of the macabre and want to explore this more after I finish the book.

On to publishing. Or not.

There was a story of mine that I thought was going to be published, but then it unfortunately wasn’t. You’ll have to trust me that this actually happened, I guess. I suppose I was hopeful because I had made it to the magazine’s second round and had a relatively good chance.  The story is called “Crepuscular” and perhaps it will be published soon by another magazine.

My stories are entering a new phase, I think, where they are at least being considered for publication instead of being discarded within a few days (or hours, even) after sending them in.  This gives me some confidence because I feel as though they are really being read and discussed (or, at least, that’s what I’m leading myself to believe). I would like to generate the sort of feelings that range from a reader thinking my story’s great to another reader thinking it’s awful.  I’d rather someone love my work or hate it rather than feel lukewarm about it.

Right now, a few of my strongest stories are being considered by a few different speculative fiction magazines. We will have to wait and see on those. I felt a little disconnected from the longer-form so I’ve begun a long project as well, though now after writing short stories every day, there is something magic-ruining about the long form.