I’m writing by pen at a cafe, and the pen has died, and I haven’t got any more pens with me, so now I’m writing by phone. Maybe it’s good that it happened. Maybe it will force me to slow down. I write fast, and I write badly when I write fast. It’s something new, what I’m starting, and the idea is good and so I don’t want to ruin it by rushing.

Before the writing, I was reading, or re-reading American Gods. There is something magical about re-reading because the passages come back like hidden memories resurfacing and there are many ah-ha! moments that occur when I find myself going ‘Oh, that’s from this!’ I liked this book the first time I read it, but I love it now. The repetition works its own sort of magic, sort of the way Haruki Murakami says how he writes a book, by making his daily routine identical day after day with zero margin of differentiation, and this serves to sort of hypnotize him until he has completed his project.

As for the luck part of this post, usually I’m not so superstitious, but lately I seem to be short on luck. It’s just that a series of circumstances have piled up one after the other that I wish I had the power to change.

There are some who believe one makes one’s own luck, and I only sort of believe that. How about you?  Do you have a good luck charm? Maybe I should find myself one, just for fun. I do find it funny that Friday the 13th falls only a few days before St. Patrick’s day, a holiday decorated with bright symbols of luck. It is such a good representation of the yin and yang of our world, how these days happen to fall; unlucky and lucky with a few (hopefully) benign days in between.