This week I fell in love with reading again and am trying to fall in love with editing. I devoured Neil Gaiman’s Trigger Warning, which is his new-ish collection of weird and speculative short stories.  The best of them, I think, is the one about Shadow (any American Gods fans?) which feels a bit Sherlock-y (in the best way) and captures the character of Shadow just like I remembered him but in a different style than in American Gods. 

Shadow could bring back the short story to the masses, I think.

This week, I’ve found myself in the world of Earthsea by Ursual K. Le Guin. It’s been so long since I have enjoyed a story in all the ways a story should be enjoyed– the time just seems to evaporate when I sit down for a spell of reading with this book. 

As for my writing, nothing new on the publishing front has surfaced, though I continue to churn out story after story. I edited ‘The Geometric Girl’ last night in a cafĂ© (so unlike me to leave my home!) and had a productive session again today. There is one story called ‘Sunfell’ that I am also editing, again, and I think it’s one of my strongest. Too often I lose sight of the magic I strive to create.

I also printed out all of my rejections. Thinking of either hanging them up on my wall, or burning them and starting renewed. Might be a good way to spring clean my soul.