I spent about four hours writing today. I feel cleansed. It was difficult but I wanted to finish a short story I began and powered through until the last words were on the typed white page. I’ve been wishing for this writing time all week and I finally got it. I can only imagine how much I could accomplish if I had blocks of time like this every day.

A day has so many hours and I suppose I do have these hours every day, but I also have to sleep. I’ve come down with some sickness that’s lasted about two weeks. Hoping it’s not mono or anything like that, so I’m taking it easy, trying to make it go away. Anyway, when you’re sick it makes the “getting up at 4am thing to write” a bit more difficult, though that is my favorite time to write. I need to make it work. I just feel my work is better when it’s written then.

I have a few wishes, more like chocolate truffles, really, wonderful but not necessary:

-I wish I could get up at 4am every day.

-I wish my descriptions were better. They lack. They get better when I edit. There are just some I remember so well, and I want mine to resonate long after they are read. Here’s an example. There’s a scene in Stardust when the witch is bringing the unicorn back to life, I think, and she bites her cheek until it bleeds and swishes the mixture around in her mouth and spits it out onto the unicorn to work her magic. That has just stuck with me. I want my writing to be like that.

-I wish I could move out of Los Angeles.

-I wish I didn’t have to go to school to be a teacher and I could teach creative writing in elementary school or English at a university as my full time job while I wait for writing to take off.

Enough wishes. I’m grateful for now, and for a chance, and for the opportunity to be part of the future. I wish this for everyone.