Well it’s not an acceptance, but it’s the first good vibe I’ve gotten, and I can tell you that it sent all the anxious good vibes bubbling in my stomach.

A recent piece of mine was rejected, but instead of the usual automated response, I received a decline letter with the additional piece of advice encouraging me to send more of my work in the future.

A small, yet confidence-boosting, step in the right direction. I’ll take it!

In reading news, I’ve just plunged into the spatial terror House of Leaves after just having finished Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay. I really really enjoyed Bad Feminist. It’s powerful. You, whoever you are, should consider reading it. House of Leaves is interesting so far. It’s quite odd, but it has my attention. This one will take me a bit of time to finish.

On to my other work, my human job, before I nestle in with the darkness and chip away at the vampire-hours job, hopefully bringing myself closer to a more complete validation.