• I spotted this spiral on my hike the other day. There is a forest of wonder everywhere, even in the usually hot, stinking, asphalt metropolis that is Los Angeles.
  • Yesterday, while I stirred a rich, tomato-thick pasta sauce, simmering, simmering, I listened to Sylvia Plath reading her poems.

Without meat or drink I sat
Starving my fantasy down

Her words stick to me like the garlic that sticks still near my fingernails.

Here are some of my favorites of her’s (The Ghost’s Leavetaking, On the Plethora of Dryads, and Ouija are some of the best).

  • Today, when I woke up early, when all was a cool pink, before the sun fully kissed the sky, I lit a big, green candle, with silver wrapped around the outside, smelling of mistletoe, and sipped my coffee, and drank in the quiet
  • Tonight, I write. What could be more magical?

What magic have you experienced today?