Today I am 50% finished editing my story for the fourth time.

Then I will query agents.  I should be able to query before Thanksgiving, if I meet my editing quota each day.

I am so excited about this, because I feel then that I have finally begun my journey as a writer. Sure, I’ve written many short stories and another book and a screenplay or two, but this makes it real to me, because I’m sharing it with someone who cherishes writing as much as I do, and who has a career in the sphere of the fantastical, which is what I wish to have.

Here’s a paragraph I liked that I came across as I edited today:

“Captain October stood on the rickety dock and surveyed his passengers, and Scar surveyed him. He looked rather Neptunish, with thick hair so silver it was almost blue, and he slicked it back with pomade so that it shined from underneath his captain’s hat. He didn’t have a pipe like most sea captains do, but he did chew, on something black, so that the inside of his mouth looked to be filled with octopus ink. But he was genial, and he smiled, and some of the black goo got onto his teeth. Scar found him to be endearing, like a Santa Claus that had gotten dressed for Halloween.”

I like it when I come across pieces of my own writing that I like.  I feel that sometimes as I’m editing, the magic gets lost because I am tearing my story at the seams, so it is refreshing when the heart of it sifts to the top.

Today I finished reading Neil Gaiman’s retelling of Hansel And Gretel, and started Frankenstein, which I have wanted to for some time now.  I’m sick, which is not fun, but in some ways it’s good, for it forces me to relax and I have no excuse but to lay down and read.

What I often find, though, and perhaps it’s a product of our new digital world in which I scroll through things faster than lightning and catch snippets here and there, is that I like to read more than one book at a time.  I came across this fascinating article in Brainpickings today, and I’m going to check if the iTunes store has the book it mentions, for I enjoy reading a nonfiction and a fiction piece simultaneously.

What are you reading on this Sunday?