I have finished the (third?) round of edits for my story.

Special shoutout to my friend Cynthia, who tells me like it is, even when that is very, very hard to hear about your own writing. You have made me a better writer and this story has come miles from where it began.  Thank you for lending your creative soul out to me.

I am satisfied. The ending now is how it should be.  It feels right.  Now for a once over for syntax and spelling and that sort of thing. Then to query. What a relief it will be when I have sent a few queries!  I will feel that this is something real.

I am fully aware that the entire process could also be hellish in the way that I could get rejected time and time again, but it is a start, and everyone has a start.  So this could be mine!

Lately I’ve been thinking on how I go through phases of being obsessed with certain words. Right now, I am obsessed with words that describe the color black.  The color black (as in PANTONE black-NOT skin color) gets a reputation for being simple and vacant and rather dull.  But I argue for the opposite of this! Black is brilliant and beautiful and rich.  And it offers a bold juxtaposition to the colors beside it.  So I wrote a little poem describing my logophilia. Enjoy.  I hope your writing and reading is going well.  Tonight I will read a few short stories out of the Poe book that I bought at the Met.

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 7.53.35 PM