Perhaps our brains have quickly started changing alongside our technology. Which is not a bad thing. We’re in an age of access, an era of aesthetic magnificence.  Our eyes our trained for the image, which is why I love Instagram and why the only things I post to Facebook are pictures.

And why I am obsessed with Pinterest.

A preview of my Pinterest page. I love curating my boards.

A preview of my Pinterest page. I love curating my boards.

As a writer, it is a quick way to research just about anything and to understand it immediately, such as when I need information about a specific detail that I am writing about.  Even in fantasy, it is helpful to have information about things rooted in reality. It makes for a richer immersion in your story.

So today, as I was penning my story, I had to stop and quickly pull up Pinterest to find a detailed picture of Mercury, as my character was traveling there during the retrograde to gather some of its celestial essence to decorate for her dinner party.

Yes. She is using galactic particles as festive decor. She’s very fabulous. And particular. She fancies cold hemlock, never warm.

Hopefully I will get it published and then you will be able to read the rest!

This is the image of Mercury I found. Marvelous, isn’t it?

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