There are inverses to most things. You could argue, for all things.

When I’m not writing, I’m marketing. I’m socializing, collaborating with my colleagues, and attending things such as the Coachella for businesspeople, called Dreamforce. It’s a huge conference that took place this week in San Francisco.

I did squeeze in some writing time, too. I began editing my book. Goal: 5 pages per day. Then I will query.


I’m exhausted. I can’t wait to get back to writing my short stories this week. There is one I’m very proud of that I am hoping to get good results with. I have another idea for one that I got while skimming over the new issue of The New Yorker.

Reading= free inspiration

I got the inspiration for my video from this one below. My boyfriend has been teaching himself to become a Final Cut Pro savant and experimented with his first vlog. It will be sure to warm the souls of those of you who are stuck in chilly weather. Check it out.

He’s also a pretty funny guy. You can follow him on twitter here.