There is a part of me that is enamored with the idea of an artistic community, one like the Beats had in the 60s or the Gertrude Stein/Fitzgerald/Hemingway trifecta decades before them.

People who liked to sit around and talk about art, just for the sake of it.

That is so rare today.

Communities are rare today. Online communities are great. But nothing can replace face to face interaction.

There is a lot of fear in sharing. It’s scary. It’s also practical. You can’t take the chance another (writer/painter/illustrator) is going to steal your grand idea before you can make it come to life yourself.

But sometimes there are people you can trust, and these people are everything.

My friend who goes by the artist name Moana Moon is one of them. She took one of my poems and brought it to life through her incredible painting. She’s also an amazingly talented competitive pole dancer.

Yes, she’s one of those freaks who seems to have 10 hands, each with a talent of its own.  She is also studying to be a doctor.  Maybe she is capable of magic that I do not know about. It would not surprise me. There are certainly a fair number of magical people in this world (like my favorite author who I talk about way too much).  Check out Moana’s blog here. You won’t be disappointed.

I love this painting. Here is the poem that inspired it:

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 6.36.37 PM


As for reading, right now I’m reading a book on the history of witch trials in America, as told through primary sources. It is the perfect book for the season.


Surprisingly, Buzzfeed also had a great list of books for chilly October. I want to read a few on this list.

Finally, maybe, the season is here. I went for a run that chilled my bones, traveling over the dry gold leaves that crunched under my feet.

~Happy Haunting~