It’s arrived. A no. A this did not work.

More work for me.

The title, if you’re wondering, was called “The Mildewed Sponge.”  Maybe that was what did me in.

While my novel sits I have decided to write 1 short story a day and submit 1 per day. This means the next day I edit the former, submit, and draft another. I figure if I do this I will eventually get published. I’ve done a lowly 3 so far plus 1 poem, just for kicks.

This is the Patricia method of coping.

1. Wallow.

2. Purchase Redd’s Wicked Cider

*important to have the wicked (read: stronger alcohol content)

3. Pour 1 into a cold cup. Preferably not the cup with the Halloween ornaments inside. Thin shards of crunchy glass do not bode well with cider. Pour #2 if you really need it (you probably do).

4. Take an alcohol-laced wallow nap

5. Wake up. Write something that’s damned better.

6. Submit

7. Probably get rejected

8. Begin again!

It’s as easy as that.

Remember Sylvia Plath submitted her poems about 40 times before she got published. I wonder if she would have had a blog like this, or if she would have shunned social media completely.