I ushered in the change of seasons by watching The Nightmare Before Christmas. What a creative portal-fantasy story! Watching it years later, with new eyes, I analyze everything and I see the brilliance in the darkly beautiful story. A copse of trees, each individual trunk possessing a symbol that is a door that leads to a world of holiday-a lovely, fantastical thing- ranging from the grotesque, macabre Halloween to the pastel delights of Easter. What a vision!

After you learn how to analyze film, you can never turn it off.

After you learn how to analyze anything in the world to use for your story, you can never turn it off.

The entire movie I was constantly saying “yes, that’d be good for…” or  “wow, what if I did this instead…”.  A bit exhausting. I can’t say I know of such a thing as relaxing entertainment, unless it is rather unusually boring. Entertainment requires such active participation, I’m almost as tired afterwards as if I had just gone for a run.

At the end of the movie, I watched the entire credits so that I could hear the original Nightmare Before Christmas poem recited by the revered bass voice of actor Christopher Leigh. Tim Burton composed the poem long before the movie. It is an epic poem, and encompasses all the plot turns and twists that you see in the movie. I thought what a marvelous idea- a poem is a great way to not only collect creative thoughts, but a way to collect an entire mood, a feeling. (Just as the cat meowing outside my window right now is contributing to the whole mood of fall, as I envision it is a black cat).

So I began my own. It’s very rough. But I have the skeleton of it. The fine, bone-thin beginnings. It is a start in the right direction.

I love (almost) October. It is a very inspiring season, so far.