The crows cried and the air blew cold this morning. Is the hallowed season finally here? I certainly hope so. I ushered it in with a new story.

These past two weeks it has been mulling in my brain like a cider brewing on the stove, though the initial thought of the story has existed for a month or two inside my mind. I could have let it mull a bit more but I was anxious for it to begin. So far it is off to a good start. This is my favorite time of year to write. The words seem to flow easier, as if my blood had been thinned.

October is a delicious month. For me it will end with the marvelous finale of seeing Neil Gaiman speak on Halloween. My emotions about this event are pure fangirl.

There are other things I would like to do this month. I do not know if some of them exist in California, so perhaps when I am in New York…

  1. Go to a pumpkin patch
  2. Brew homemade cider
  3. Compose a chapbook of Halloween poems
  4. Watch Hocus Pocus while sipping a mug of spiked hot chocolate
  5. Visit the only Dunkin Donuts in California for a seasonal drink (a lofty goal, I know, as the line has been 30 people deep both at 4am and at 5pm)
  6. Read Coraline
  7. Become an expert on the history of Samhain
  8. Get a Death costume together for Halloween (where can I find a cheap ankh necklace?)
  9. Write a scary short story
  10. Draft the synopsis for the story I am going to query for

What would you like to accomplish this October?