In Los Angeles, fall is a fake fall but filling my room with collections of dark things and getting manicures with oxblood nail polish make it feel more real. In localized news, I burned myself with a match today and it was terrible. It would be absolutely horrific to be badly burned.

Today I spent two hours browsing deviantArt. What lovely, incredibly, deliciously dark illustrations. I love them. I also love adverbs, apparently.

Social media, for all its distracting power, has the ability to inspire. However, it requires me to search with purpose instead of mindlessly scrolling. I did manage to come across a picture of a woman who superficially embodies a character I’ve been thinking about. I think that’s cool.

Has anyone collaborated with artists on deviantArt? Or perhaps you are an artist yourself? I was curious as to how useful the site is in bringing collaborators together. I do think that the internet is amazing in that way. Of course you have to be careful to make sure you aren’t getting scammed or putting yourself in a vulnerable position to get taken advantage of. In that way the internet is a terrible thing.

Speaking of terrible things, the internet is full of trolls. Kudos to Emma Watson (she is correct- no country can boast it has complete gender equality- how unfortunate is that?) and shame on the hackers who are displaying their atrociousness by hiding behind vacant profiles and empty words. What is wrong with the world?

Fortunately, the world has books. The world will always be filled with atrociousness but it will always be filled with books. I am grateful for that.

Maybe if the trolls read some good books, they would learn how to be better humans. Maybe.

Right now I’m reading Death in The Sandman canon. I am trying to go slow and savor it, and then I suppose I will move onto something else.