Cool fall, when will you arrive?

It has been disgustingly hot here in Los Angeles. September is more of a hellish summer month than is August. I say this because I am reminded of the heat each time I sit down to write. No place is comfortable. The leather chair is too sticky; the bed is too warm. So I am writing this on the floor.

I wish I could teleport to inside my story because it’s very cool there, even cold, and foggy, like Half Moon Bay in northern California. If you haven’t been to Half Moon Bay, it is the quintessential foggy place. Next month I am taking a trip to New York, and I pray for gruesomely chilly weather.  And maybe a bit of fog.

The picture I captured (I apologize for editing these photos ad nauseam but I have this fun little application and I can’t stop myself from using it) is of my finished manuscript. The caveat is that it is only finished momentarily.  Now I will put it in the ottoman for a while.  My eyes need time to reform, and then they will take another look and edit once more.

The closer I grow to being finished with my manuscript, the more exciting it gets. Time to query! I can hear the query bells, tolling like quiet death knells. It is a little ominous, the whole process. Yet also extremely motivating. I am making my own future come alive in the now.