The new story I’m working on is being difficult, as all new, unrefined things prove to be.

It essentially began as an extended allusion to a beloved story. Now it has taken on a bit of a different form, interwoven with threads of different mythologies. I am having trouble with the plot because it feels too discombobulated right now.  More research is required. Thankfully the characters feel vibrant and beautiful.

Ideally I would love to see this in a graphic novel. I think that first I will write the story in prose, and have it come to life that way. Then, later, if the future is willing, I will challenge myself to pen a comic script for it.

I like the economic storytelling of a script. A comic script is in line with that mindset, as I will have to envision the world acutely and the characters immediately, vs. in prose, where I seem to figure it out as I go.

Perhaps none of that will happen. Perhaps this story will not be born. But it is a possibility, and as of now I am going for it.