Today I finished reading THE SANDMAN: ENDLESS NIGHTS which proved to be a good omen (ha-ha because Neil Gaiman also has a book called GOOD OMENS).  My other good omens came from lighting Thoreau and Poe on fire (their candles, of course).  These brushes with positive energy helped to coax the last of my round-one edits of my middle-grade fantasy story out of me and onto the page.


I started writing this story at the end of April. Now it stands one hundred times better than the first draft.  Still, it could stand to use many more edits. Hopefully it will keep growing exponentially better. I find this to be the not so fun part.  I imagine it is like working at Disneyland and seeing the ins and outs of un-magical things such as grumpy Cinderellas fuss with sweaty stockings and complain about ninety degree Anaheim weather.

I celebrated today by drinking a hodgepodge mix of alcohol.  When I peered into my freezer I found that unfortunately, I did not have enough to make one drink of any one kind.  The cocktail tasted okay, after adding lots of lemon juice and a bit of sugar. Huzzah! Now to have my friends who have so kindly offered to sacrifice volunteered themselves to my dire cause of helping me edit. Here we go.