At times this blog feels like a lie, because it does not truly reveal the inner workings of my mind, only glimpses of it that I specifically elicit from my tumbleweed of thoughts and then proceed to cultivate for my public persona.  That is not a bad thing, I just became more aware of it after starting a new journal.  Journaling is a habit I used to devote myself to religiously and have now fallen away from, but I’m looking to get back into it.

Journaling relieves a great load off my mind.  We live in an overwhelming world; we are constantly inundated with information and expected to process it quickly and respond to it and put something back into the universe just as quickly.  It is as if the universe is not getting enough of what it needs.  The world is keen at sensing someone’s happiness the way you can sense a storm before it falls out of the sky, when the air is filled with future-drops of rain.  It likes to suck the happiness out of that person and then the individual is left groveling for something else, and thus the cycle of being unfilled and inadequate begins anew.

The two paragraphs above are a vague corollary to what I was really thinking of blogging about, which is how talented artists are usually talented in more than one arena of art.  The picture I featured is taken from a page of Sylvia Plath’s collected journals, and it displays one of her fine drawings.  A collection of her diary drawings was even published recently, and it does an astute job at communicating how fine of an illustrator she was.  Neil Gaiman is deft at drawing as well; so was Jack Kerouac. I do think this comes from having an aesthetic eye.  Once the eye is filtered through art, the rest of the world is filtered through this lens.  Sylvia Plath also modeled and dressed fashionably well; her artist’s eye was not lost on devoting herself to appearance and having an affinity for fine clothes.

I am not sure if I possess a dual artistic talent.  My talent as a writer has not been verified (yet) so I can’t say that much for myself yet either! I do know I am terribly awful at drawing, so my dual talent is definitely not art in the most well-known sense of the word. Perhaps my aesthetic eye is keen on party arrangements. I do love to play Mrs. Dalloway and host a party of Pinterest-worthy pictures.

10660727_10152265815871302_1723862860_nYesterday I had a party for my birthday, which was traditional-pink themed and featured mason jars filled with varieties of pink candy such as raspberry Lindt truffles wrapped in shiny magenta wrappers and pastel-pink white chocolate M&M’s.  The table decor also featured a Lilly Pulitzer party tray and two dozen pink-sprinkled cupcakes, among other pink things.  Unfortunately, I was too busy enjoying it all to snap a photo, so I’ve attached a photo of my attire instead, which also ascribed to the obnoxiously coordinated theme.