“Having a fatal disease turns the odometer of the soul back to zero.”

The man who wrote the above sentence typed it with his pupils. He has ALS. He is also a really good writer in general, unrelated from his having ALS. You can read his article in its entirety here, and you should, because it is outstanding: http://time.com/3160305/living-with-als/

I was nominated for the Ice Bucket Challenge and completed the challenge by doing the less visually stimulating choice. The schmuck in me chose to forgo a bucket of gelid water today because I ran out of time; and also, writing.

What’s amazing to me about this article is that Patrick O’Brien still pursues his passion while he is almost completely debilitated. It is never too late. This is inspiring to me.

A friend once told me you help the world by doing what you are best at. I have grown to believe this. I also believe this is why you cannot compare the “goodness” of souls.

You cannot ask if Gandhi did more or better for the world than Mother Teresa, or if J.K. Rowling’s writing was a farce because she was writing instead of helping refugees in Great Britain. We do what we are called to do, and that helps someone, whether it gives them freedom, heals their body, or fills their soul. 

Sometimes you need to be healed (cue the wine and literature for me), but other times, and often many times, and usually when you don’t want to, or it’s very difficult, you need to be the healer.