Television Original Pilots:

  • “Detail Woman,” adult drama, period piece. Shortlisted for the 2020 Black List/WIF Episodic Lab. Read it on The Blcklst.

“Every now and then, an idea comes along that reinvents a genre; it certainly feels like that’s what’s happening here with this pilot script.” -Blcklst.com

“The quality of the writing is really exceptional.”-Blcklst.com

  • “Monster In the House,” supernatural teen drama
  • “Where Rumors Lie,” co-written with Amber Viera, teen drama
  • “The Seer,” co-written with Amber Viera, supernatural teen drama

Television Specs:

  • Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, co-written with Amber Viera

Short Films:

  • “Kept,” co-written with Amber Viera, directed by Monica Zinn. Winner of Best Screenplay Narrative Short 2020 at the Queens World Film Festival. Winner of Best Picture at L’Auteur International Short Film Festival.

Published Short Fiction:

  • Counting Days, Daily Science Fiction, February 2019
  • The Coffin Birth, Strange California, Falstaff Books, September 2017
  • Nova’s Burial Club, published in Rosebud Magazine and Winner of the Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley Award for Imaginative Fiction, 2018